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Homebodies has a responsibility to:

  • provide the highest quality of care that is appropriate, timely, and promotes continuity.
  • provide initial and ongoing assessment.
  • respect clients' personal, cultural, and spiritual beliefs.
  • impart emergency/safety instructions.
  • respect client's property.
  • address grievances with no reprisals.

Clients have a responsibility to:

  • provide complete and accurate information.
  • notify Homebodies if there are changes in condition.
  • follow Care Plan.
  • tell Homebodies if they do not understand.
  • notify Homebodies of schedule changes.
  • meet their responsibilities and financial obligations agreed upon with Homebodies.
  • advise Homebodies of problems.
  • show respect and consideration to caregivers.
  • provide a safe environment.

Clients' Bill of Rights

Clients have the right to:

  • respectful care.
  • freedom from abuse.
  • know their Care Plan.
  • informed consent.
  • refuse treatment.
  • lodge complaints.
  • participate in decisions.
  • privacy and confidentiality.
  • instruction and education.
  • examine billing statement.
  • freedom from seclusion and restraint.
  • spiritual needs.
  • visitors.
  • know caregivers.
  • safety in the home.
  • implement advanced directives.

While many of our clients are older, we also provide help to people of any age. Our clients are wonderful people who need assistance. Our caregivers are guests in the homes of our clients, and will treat your loved one with care
​and respect. 

To quote our Mother– "Homebodies takes excellent care of me. I don't know what I would do without them. Homebodies keeps the family well informed and has created an atmosphere of trust and mutual acceptance by all." Marcia