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Q.    How long has Homebodies been in business?
A.    Since 1999.

Q.    Are your caregivers bonded and insured?
A.    Yes to both.

Q.    Does Homebodies have live-ins?
A.    No, but we offer 24/7 care.

Q.    Do you accept Medicare or Medicaid?

A.    No, we do work with Long-Term Care Insurance.

Q.    How much do your services cost?  Does it vary depending on tasks?
A.    We have one inclusive hourly rate for whatever we do while our caregivers are there.  There are no “add on” costs.

Q.    Are there other Homebodies offices in other cities/states?
A.    Sorry, we are THE only Homebodies.  Our unique in-home care agency is one-of-a-kind, locally owned in southwest Michigan.  However, we do have multiple bosses – each other, and all of you who use our services.

Q.    Any suggestions how my siblings who live out of town can help?
A.    One daughter, even though out of state, took charge of prescription refills.  She had information on all of her mother’s medications, (name, dosage, script number) and when it should be refilled.  She faithfully had them ready when needed to be picked up. Another child would write “Just thinking of you” notes that came a few times a week. Others have sent flowers/called on regular basis.  Others have written a check to help with care costs. Be creative, everyone can help.  As “the main” caregiver, you do not have to do this alone.

Q.    Is your All-Terrain Wheel Chair motorized or push?
A.     It is push because we strongly believe that the experience should be shared.  Having a companion is also a safety precaution.

Q.    How soon can a caregiver get started from the time I first call?
A.    We have been able to assist some families the same day.  Whatever the family situation, we try to accommodate it.

Q.    How do you determine how much assistance is needed?
A.    We listen to the family’s needs and concerns at our initial intake evaluation and go from there.

Q.    How does my family know what is going on at each visit?
A.  We leave a COMMUNICATION BOOK at each family’s home.  Our caregivers leave notes on what happened during their visit.  Additionally, (in cases where the family is not present when we arrive or leave), the family is able to leave any notes for the caregiver. Everyone is kept in the loop.

Frequently Asked Questions