Homebodies can help make sure everyone can attend, by taking care of your special guest before, during, and after your special event. 

Homebodies helps your guest:

  • get dressed and ready
  • get to and from the event
  • with food, refreshments
  • with any personal needs 
  • return to get “tucked in” at home or hotel

Let Homebodies help make the big day complete.

Homebodies provides customized care services...
Whether for daily needs, or support for a special event. Our experienced caregivers are trained and prepared to support the needs of your special guest. Homebodies is privately owned, and has served Western Michigan since 1999.

Event Support

We are bonded and insured.

Call TODAY for available dates
and rates: 
​269-857-3472 or 616-298-2395

Homebodies works with Bryan Paul and My Barefoot Weddings to assist loved ones who need assistance during family weddings.

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