"I just want you to know things are flowing wonderfully with your staff. Their professional, compassionate and detailed care is greatly appreciated by all our family. It is a pleasure to get to know them!"  Ginger


Who cares for our clients?

- Registered Nurses

- Licensed Practical Nurses
- Certified Nursing Assistants
- Seasoned Caregivers

All with years of "living the experience", helping to care for their own family, loved one, or special clients.

Homebodies utilizes Registered Nurses (RN), Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN), Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA), and “Seasoned Caregivers”, all with years of personal experience. We match our clients with caregivers, basing the choice on training and experience required, physical capability, and personality.

All Homebodies caregivers have “walked the journey” themselves.  Be that with a family member, neighbor, someone from church, these caregivers know the pleasures and struggles of caring for those who need in-home care.  Some happen to be RNs, LPNs, or CNAs.  They come to serve your family with “Loving and Personal Care”, which is Homebodies’ trademark.  They are there for whatever your loved one needs.

All Homebodies caregivers want to keep your loved one in their familiar surroundings (wherever they call home) with their pets, plants, own bed, and favorite chair, as long as it is a safe environment. They treat our clients with the respect they would their own family. They will support your personal beliefs, cultural or spiritual, and take care of and protect all personal property. Caregivers are matched to clients based on experience, personality, and proximity to client.

To learn more see our “Clients Bill of Rights”.

To apply to become a Homebodies Caregiver click here.

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