Ideal for persons who:

  • Daily, live in a wheelchair
  • Have difficulty walking on uneven surfaces
  • Are recovering from surgery
  • Are suffering from Cerebral Palsy, Multiple Sclerosis, head injury, Parkinson's, COPD, Muscular Dystrophy

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Homebodies' All-Terrain Wheelchair is available to rent for people with mobility challenges, allowing them to go places they never could before.

Also known as the Beach Wheelchair, it's perfect for the beach or any outdoor event.

  • Easily breaks down and fits into most vehicles
  • Max wt. 350#  
  • Delivery and pick-up available. 
  • ​Daily, weekend, weekly rentals

Perfect for the beach or any ​outdoor event:

  • Family reunions
  • Birthday parties
  • Outdoor weddings
  • Visits to the beach
  • Apple or berry picking
  • Picnics
  • Sunsets

All-Terrain Wheelchair

Moves easily over sand, gravel, bark, and even snow. Regular wheelchairs don't provide access to many areas, limiting people's access to beautiful areas and events. Friends and family of those using our All-Terrain Wheelchair have almost as much fun pushing our chair as those being pushed.​

Watch this 90 second video to see a quick demonstration and explanation of the All-Terrain (Beach) Wheelchair.

269-857-3472 or 616-298-2395